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 This solved my big problem

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MensajeTema: This solved my big problem   Miér Ago 03, 2011 10:21 pm

Hello. Hi there rockraven,I think you're either backing your file up to an existing file, one that you did before) OR one that you're that you're trying to extract your file from. LQQk closely to determine which it is, that's why I make my folders before hand and name them differently so that I can tell the difference, still I've done the same thing as you've just done. (Lol). As for the folders you've named - they are both part of the same ISO folder. The part that that DVDD likes is the Mds one, why I don't know because it's so small and cannot contain the entire DVD OR the Rar folder which is a type of compressed file (WinRar is like a ZIP but instead of being WinZip it's called WinRar).Hope that helps,stingray,I'd like you to check your DVD Decrypter's settings. First, it should be version Go to "Tools", "Settings", set everything to "Default". Then in the "General" tab change, "Removal Method" from "Normal" to "Aggressive", in "File Mode", "tick" Remove IFO/BUP PUO's." For ripping in the "ISO, Read Mode", "tick" "Remove IFO/BUP PUO's" there also. in the "CSS" tab, under "CSS Cracking Method", choose "Brute Force ~> I/O Key Exchange" and "On Failure" choose "Yes". . IMPORTANT: In the "I / O" tab, in the bottom right, "tick" the box which says, "Ignore read errors". This is an excellent setting for dealing with lightly scratched discs which may cause reading problems.Se if that helps at all - it's my special formula for DVDD,Cheers, Pete Razz)The ¡°Old Man¡± Pete (???) Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~&gt
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This solved my big problem
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